Anahata metal stamped pendant


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In Sanskrit, anahata is a term for our heart chakra--the center of our emotional Knowing and Unconditional Love. It translates as "unstruck, unhurt or unbeaten," all beautiful ways to describe the resiliant and ever-lasting presence of our heart energy. For eternity, after we are physically gone, our Loving reverberates just as the ever-lasting sound of Aum, or pranava, is endless.

Within the twelve petals, two overlapping triangles in the center represent the masculine (as above) and the feminine (so below). The balance occurs as they intersect and can represent living our heart's truth in the world through our daily expressions and manifestations. 

This amulet was designed to remind us of our Divine nature and constant connection to Unconditional Love if only we allow ourselves to realize that the connection is ever-present. There is nothing we need to do...we need only to Be.

Wear as a pendant with the 20''-24" adjustable black silky cord or slip it onto your own keychain...or let it dangle from your car review mirror as your on-the-go talisman.

The art of hand metal stamping dictates that no two pieces will be identical. Please allow for variations and consistency of strike impressions. It generally takes 3-5 days for me to create your piece and items are usually shipped within this timeframe 💌

Materials: 1" aluminum disk and washer; vegan cord

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