Think Dirty April Limited Edition Beauty Box


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We are partnering with rated clean 0-3 beauty brand sponsors1 who support our mission to bring the most requested beauty box to you. Each box comes with 8 hand-picked, rated clean beauty products, a full she-bang of Think Dirty swag goodies and lots of love. Valued at over $USD 200+, specially offered to you for $USD 95!

The Think Dirty Clean Beauty box is the perfect gift for health-conscious significant others, hard-core yogi friends, or kale-loving besties. Or better yet, show yourself some #selflove as the best reward for thinking dirty all year long!

Clean Beauty Brands this edition (may contain affiliate links):

First 15 orders will get a bonus item!  

Fitglow Beauty  sold out, will be replaced with item of equal value
Buckaroo Organics
Biossance *older packaging
Erin's Faces sold out, will be replaced with item of equal value
Urban Alchemist
Azaleas Naturals (three items!) sold out, will be replaced with items of equal value

Fitglow Beauty
Cloud Comfort Cream (travel size)
 sold out, will be replaced with item of equal value
Dirty Meter™ Rating: 0-3 (Clean)

CLOUD COMFORT CREAM nourishes and protects stressed, irritated and red skin with ultra calming bioavailable nutrients. ORGANIC CLOUDBERRY and CHIA EXTRACTS rebuild skin strength and moisture barrier with complete essential lipids and high level of vitamins. CALM LIPOSOME deeply penetrates skin to stimulates cell regeneration, soothe irritation and improve skin elasticity. Perfect for environmentally-aggravated skin, rosacea or anyone with skin that needs extra TLC.

  • Reduces epidermal inflammation and irritation 
  • Promoting skin healing and renewal 
  • Calms irritation and reduces redness 
  • Provides environmental moisture barrier 

Buckaroo Organics
Soapberry Suds Laundry Detergent (11oz)

Dirty Meter™ Rating: 0-3 (Clean)

Instead of using a synthetic surfactant or soaping agent, this detergent contains 100% Certified Organic Soapberries, also known as soapnuts. The soapberry not only cleans, but also possesses natural fabric softening capabilities. The saponin contained in the husk of the natural berry is our active ingredient for wranglin’ tough dirt and hard to treat stains and is gentle on delicate fabrics. After careful formulation, we have developed a detergent you can trust. The ingredients are organic, natural and safe for your entire family and the environment. 

The Nourisher Precious Face Oil *older packaging
Dirty Meter™ Rating: 0-3 (Clean)

THE NOURISHER is a luxurious face oil blended with an elixir of roses and a shot of Vitamin C, designed to keep skin radiant, supple and smooth. It is a simple, yet powerful formula that enhances the natural beauty you have within. This dynamic blend of ingredients boosts natural collagen production, while locking in essential moisture. Your skin is left firm, hydrated, and smooth with an overall healthy, radiant glow. -Protects skin from moisture loss - Leaves skin soft and nourished - Improves skin suppleness and firmness - Improves skin tone and texture - Leaves skin with a healthy radiant glow

Erin's Faces
Micellar Cleansing Makeup Remover (travel sized)
sold out, will be replaced with item of equal value

This is the ultimate eco-friendly makeup remover! My quest was for a petrochemical and fragrance-free makeup remover that worked and didn't leave an oily residue (a tall order!).  All-Micellar Waters are not created equal as many employ PEGs (petrochemical ingredients) and fragrances to mask other chemicals.  This one uses neither.

How does it work?  The little micelles make BFFs with oil and dirt and whisk them away to greener pastures, ie your trashcan.  This super gentle makeup remover can also double as a waterless cleanser and toner as it cleans skin and won't irritate.

Use with a cotton pad/ball.
Vegan. Petrochemical, Dye, Fragrance and Phthalate-Free.
Not meant to work with waterproof makeup.

Urban Alchemist
Butter your lips! (Sage + Grapefruit) Lip Balm

100% natural calendula infused lip balm is super light and moisturizing! Hints of grapefruit and sage make this balm perfect for your kisser! 

Azaleas Naturals
Castile Facial Soap (4oz)
 Sold out, will be replaced with item of equal value

The key ingredients in this product include: Shea butter: full of a natural vitamin a repairing skin and producing collagen. Shea butter has vitamin e an emollient keeping skin moisturized and flexible reduces stretch marks and signs of aging. Shea butter is also anti-fungal and has properties that can fight off yeast Babassu oil: similar to coconut oil with simiplar fatty acid make up and texture but lighter soaks into skin but doesnt clogg pores. It contains lauric acid wich reduces inflammation. Babassu oil also contains vitamin e wich is a super emollient for dry chapped skin. Babassu oil is cooling to the skin and has phytosterols an anti-aging properties.

Azaleas Naturals
Face Renewing Serum (1oz)
 Sold out, will be replaced with item of equal value

The key ingredients in this product include: Goji berry: is packed with vitamin c keeping skin radiant and vitalized, reducing the appearance of aging spots goji berry contains carotenoids, these are flavonoids like beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein, lycopene, cryptoxanthin, and xanthophyll. These protect and are known to help maintain a healthy glow. Camellia seed oil: possesses a unique active constituent known as Squalene which is also an important component of the skin’s natural emollient system. A deficiency of squalene can result in dry skin and premature aging, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin.The unique make-up of the oil allows it to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin; much like water, leaving it smooth and supple. The non-drying and non-clogging oil

Azaleas Naturals
Spot Treatment (10 ml)
 Sold out, will be replaced with item of equal value

The roll on design is discreet and small enough to carry in your purse, or pocket. Made to reduce the appearance of acne, by reducing redness, and, inflammation, while stopping the spread of acne-causing bacteria. The spot treatment contains witch hazel (an astringent), and apple cider vinegar (balances the p.h of your skin). It also contains malic acid effectively killing off strong bacteria. Essential oils oregano (helping to reduce white blood cells) and tea tree (containing cicatrizant properties) allow for skin to heal quickly and prevent it from infection. Infused with white willow bark containing acetylsalicylic acid, now the used to make aspirin helps to reduce inflammation and irritation. Also, acetylsalicylic acid in skull cap herb helps reduce the appearance of scarring.


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