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Do you or your baby have insomnia? Are you sleep-deprived or have a hard time falling and staying asleep? Feel tired because of lack of sleep? Are you stressed because of work, school, relationships, or life? Are you tired of pharmaceutical drugs and want a natural way to calm down and sleep easier? 

Blyss Body Butter is an all natural, 100% organic calming cream that soothes mental, physical, and emotional distress. 

Side affects may include lower blood pressure, better sleep, and over feeling of well being. Recommended for bedtime use only. Safe for children and babies.

Basic Instructions
Simply massage the butter into the bottom of your clean feet before you go to sleep. You will find yourself drifting away in about 5 minutes.

BODY BUTTER - 4 oz. $20 | 2 oz. $10
Use the Blyss Body Butter each night to get the best results. The Blyss Body Butter contains a blend of simple ingredients and magnesium, Shea butter, Coconut oil and lavender whipped into a cloud of hand poured silky cream. The all natural ingredients ensure you receive no unwanted chemicals in your body and peace for your soul.

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BLYSS BOX - $25.00

The Blyss box contains all you need to have a blissfully relaxing experience at the end of a long day or any time you want it. The kit includes:

  • 4 oz. Calming Cream
  • Lavender Spray


A quick spritz of the lavender spray will calm you during anxious moments during the day or help you relax and prepare for a restful sleep at night. Keep it in your purse (or pocket) or by your bedside for nighttime use. 

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