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Due to the unique and individual requirements of each tail, your shipment date will be determined once your design is complete. General production time may be complete in 90 days, but basic designs may be completed in 60 days. 

What do you get for a $2,900. basic tail?

  • Choice of current Scale Sheet design: Malia scale, Harmony scale, Melody scale
  • Choice fluke shape design: The Butterfly Fluke. The Kimberly Fluke. Mermaid Malia's Fluke design is not available right now, it's in the vault along with more exciting fluke designs coming soon.
  • Choice of blended colors: Up to 3 colors.
  • Metallic spray top coat.
  • Finis Shooter monofin
  • Custom made to fit buyers body shape. Plus size buyers email for quote


Order Process for a Mermaid Kariel Tail of Art:

  1. Once the basic Tail of Art is paid in full we will move forward in the tail design process.
  2. Make and send your Duct Tape Cast, using our guidance and visual diagrams.
  3. Communicate your tail desires and inspirations to Mermaid Kariel. This can be done over email or Skype. Kariel will then create and share her art renderings/concept sketches of your tail. Ensuring she fully understands your tail wants and needs.
  4. Then sign off on your tail design, upgrades, and color theme that were established during the concept sessions. 
  5. Payments for any upgrades chosen, and estimated shipping fees will be paid at this step. Before production may start.
  6. Tail production begins: You will receive an updated bi-weekly tail progress report over the next 30 days of production. 
  7. Tail will be weighed and tested in the water for quality assurance.
  8. Tail will packed and shipped along with any accessories chosen. You will receive a tracking number so that you may locate your shipment en route.
  9. We will contact you the day your tail is meant to arrive to ensure you are completely satisfied with your Tail of Art.
  10. We hope that you will join our team of Mermaids on a Reading Mission. Where you may gain experience, knowledge and share a beautiful message to our world. More information on The Mermaid On a Mission Program is coming soon.

Glow in the Dark or UV black light reactive options: $50+ Price varies on whether you want a few places painted or the entire tail. This will be determined with Mermaid Kariel during the design portion of your tail production.

Individual silicone scales: (As seen on Mermaid Malia's tail) $500 upgrade. 

Silicone tops are priced at: $300 & up.

Sequin and Shell embellished tops:$350 and up.

Custom fluke design: $1000. Price will be dependent on: How complicated your sculpture is. It's measurements and How long it will take to sculpt. Mermaid Kariel will only create a custom tail if she finds artistically desirable.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Are tails swimmable?

A: Yes, these tails are swimmable. **Disclaimer: Tails provide great propulsion for the experienced swimmer, but should not be used as a swimming aide. Tails are a novelty item, not a lifesaving device, and to be used at your own risk.**


Q: What are the costs of Extra Fins?

A: Extra Fin sets start at $150 for a set of small fins and go up to $500 for larger sizes and or light up fins. Depending on your budget and the design you create with Mermaid Kariel. You can have the fins bonded to any part of your tail, which allows your tail to be as unique and creative as you are.


Q: How much do paint markings such as patterns, stripes spots etc cost?

A: $100+ depends on the concept and design.


Q: How much does it cost to add glitter to my tail?

A: Glitter starts at $50 and may increase depending on weather you want a few places painted with chunky glitter or the entire tail. This will be determined with Mermaid Kariel during the design portion of your tail production.


Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: $100-$140 within USA. $200 for international orders. Depending on size and weight of the tail.

We ship FedEX next day delivery. International buyers are responsible for all shipping and customs fees.

More details coming soon! This is our very Soft opening.


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