Facial Toner - Hydrating Face Spray - Organic & Natural Ingredients (Witch Hazel & Rose Water) Reduce Puffiness, Redness, Use As Makeup Remover & Astringent After Cleansing Before Moisturizer, 4.7oz


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Nurture your skin with our witch hazel and rose petal water facial toner. Why add a toner to your natural skin care routine? This extra step helps to remove excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that might still be on your face after washing. Our toner also helps to reduce redness and inflammation, reduces the appearance of bruises, provides soothing relief to sunburns and razor burn, and helps to lock in moisture. Most of all, though, using our toner is just a great way to feel refreshed, cleansed, and soothed.

About the product

To help you get the fresh, beautiful skin you’re looking for, we focused on putting the right ingredients into our toner. We use a formulation of witch hazel, aloe vera, rose water, and cucumber to create a fresh, cool sensation. We also skipped the parabens, chemicals, alcohols, and all the other junk your skin doesn’t need. What you’re left with is a vegan, pH balanced, all-natural toner that is worthy of a place in your skin care regimen.

Our facial toner is designed to be used after cleansing. Spray the toner directly onto your skin, or squeeze it onto a cotton round. Apply to your entire face and decollete. Follow up by using a facial oil or moisturizer. You can use it in between face washes too. Try spraying it over your makeup to keep your skin feeling fresh during the day, or apply it all over to tone your skin from head to toe.

Great to leave any skin type feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated.  We should also mention the subtle smell of roses, leaving your smelling delightful.

Our facial toner is alcohol free, toxin free, crafted with just a few simple ingredients and available in a 4oz spray bottle and an 8oz bottle with a squeeze cap.

Do you want smaller looking pores?  Clean skin?  pH balance?  A natural makeup remover?  If the answer was yes, you may just want to give this toner a try.

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