Classic Original Great Trees - Ancient Sequoia, Redwood, Fantasy Forest, Forest Moon - 3D Printable Tabletop Game Terrain - STL Files


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The original single tree - When you imagine an Ancient Forest, the path to Lorien, to Mirkwood or Yggdrasil, the trees are like columns of an outdoor cathedral. Ideal for speeder bikes and rebels to battle the imperial outpost on a forest moon. 

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Imagined for tabletop wargaming in 28mm and Built to stand 150mm tall, these ancient trees are scalable for a limitless number of settings. Great for Pathfinder, DnD, Warhammer Fantasy, Start Wars Legions, Middle Earth and so many more RPGs and Miniature games. 


This is one sculpt. More variations may be available in the future if this does well. Please order only one if you want to print some. If you order extra, it will go to support further development. 


The Terrain Factory currently sells files for 3D printing and not physical products. 3D printing your own terrain lets you print as many of each piece as you want, whenever you need to

Our High Quality .stl files are printed on your 3D printer, or can be printed by a 3D printing service. These models are great at tabletop gaming scale, but you can easily re-scale any model to the size you would like.

3D printers are affordable! You can get and generous sized Anet A8 printer kit for as little as $150. Check out Gearbest and Amazon. Many communities have local 3D printers at schools, libraries, and game shops that can be inexpensive or even free to use!  

The Terrain Factory team are industry professionals. We've been creating 3D models for over 30 years. You should understand that models created or 3D printing need to be built differently that those for engineering, architecture, video games or animation. This why so many free models print cruddy. Purchasing your terrain sets is a long-term investment that you will be able to reap the benefits of for the decades to come. Practiced, thoughtful care has gone into crafting each and every piece and the Terrain Factory team is obsessively focused on improving and revising each part until it is as good as it can be. 


Great Trees - Ancient Sequoia, Redwood, Fantasy Forest, Forest Moon

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