Cult of the Serpentari [signed copy]

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"An intoxicating, innovative, deliciously sexy, illustrated erotic fantasy adventure..."

Intent on glory, Kithiik enters the forbidden tunnels to slay a legend and become one himself. What happens next sets him on an electrifying journey through exotic lands, and changes him from a reckless, violent and angry boy to a man with intuitive powers that open his heart to love, his mind to the truth and his body to erotic pleasures he never imagined.

Inside Scoop: This book, dubbed by the author as a “fantasensual novel”, contains dazzling descriptions and visual representations of tender, exuberant, acrobatic, imaginative and sometimes even downright dangerous sex between couples, threesomes, moresomes. There are also scenes in which women pleasure each other and a very brief incidence that could be construed as sibling incest in a nonhuman cultural ritual.

 350  pages/ 43 color illustrations

7.5 x 9.25 Trade Paperback

*This novel constitutes the first work of a new genre_ Fantasensua: explicit, graphically illustrated, character and plot driven erotic fantasy..

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