Rhodonite pendant ''Some Pig''


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This special series is designed to send love, recognition and healing to the millions of lives  lost in slaughterhouses around the world. Specifically, 50% of the proceeds of this pendant benefit www.sympathyatslaughter.com, and their compassionate and powerful endeavor to spend time with animals before their deaths, and visually capture their images as they await their time to enter the slaughterhouse. Hannah and her camera have singlehandedly changed the way I view eating meat and the process of killing animals for consumption. I am eternally grateful and in awe of her courageous heart and ability to show up under these difficult circumstances.

I chose rhodonite for this series because it reminds me of the coloring of pigs' skin. Rhodonite is an emotional balancer that nurtures love and encourages a brotherhood of humanity--this stone helps one see both sides of an issue. I feel this is so important for us as we intend to understand all sides of meat consumption and production. 

Rhodonite is a ''first aid stone'' and heals emotional shock and panic. This stone is powerful in assisting with forgiveness and helping to prevent blaming and shaming while encouraging us to look within ourselves for areas and aggression that we project onto others.

The hand stamped "some pig" tag is a deep bow to E.B. White's unforgettable characters Charlotte and Wilbur from the classic book "Charlotte's Web:" two inseparable friends who famously crossed species lines to love one another as deeply as any sentient being could love another 💕🐖🕸

When you order a pendant from this series, I will choose a rhodonite stone from my collection and wrap it intuitively and especially for you, based on its size and shape and what might be calling to you: no two pendants will be exactly the same. You will also receive a select offering such as a poem or oil blend to support your journey to help alleviate your suffering and the sufferings of others. 

This is a wonderful talisman for everyone on a mindful eating journey. It is especially supportive of those who are consciously choosing to make food selections that incorporate less harm toward others while nurturing their own bodies and hearts. If you are striving to eat less meat or reduce your meat consumption, this pendant is an excellent tool to wear or carry with you as a loving reminder of your intention. 

Created with 💯 % love, zero judgement 🌎

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