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We are partnering with rated clean 0-3 beauty brand sponsors1 who support our mission to bring the most requested beauty box to you. Each box comes with 8 hand-picked, rated clean beauty products, a full she-bang of Think Dirty swag goodies and lots of love. Valued at over $USD 200+, specially offered to you for $USD 95!

The Think Dirty Clean Beauty box is the perfect gift for health-conscious significant others, hard-core yogi friends, or kale-loving besties. Or better yet, show yourself some #selflove as the best reward for thinking dirty all year long!

Clean Beauty Brands this edition (may contain affiliate links):

First 15 orders will get a bonus item!  

Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Innersense Beauty (two items!)
Erin's Faces
Urban Alchemist
Bare Ethics
Radha Organics
Bare Bones Body

Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Tea Tree Natural Deodorant (60 ml)

Dirty Meter™ Rating: 0-3 (Clean)

You already know that Tea Tree is useful for bug-bites, skin-infections, cuts, burns and scrapes. But did you know that its the perfect oil to use in your underarms to help control odour? Shake this natural deodorant up well before rolling on to underarms. Allow it to dry and you're set for about 6 hours of non-funkiness. Reapply as needed.

Innersense Beauty
Pure Harmony Hairbath Shampoo (8.5 oz)

Dirty Meter™ Rating: 0-3 (Clean)

Increase moisture with Pure Harmony Hairbath, a gentle cleansing therapy for normal hair. Coconut and Palm Oils delicately treat your scalp and hair with their purifying and cleansing properties while Orange Flower Oil harmonizes and uplifts. The sulfate-free formula leaves hair healthy, full of body and vitality without residue or dryness and is ideal for all hair types. This is an essential for the cleansing ritual.

Innersense Beauty
Inspiration Daily Conditioner (8.5 oz)

Dirty Meter™ Rating: 0-3 (Clean)

Increase moisture with Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, a lightweight, hydrating and detangling conditioner for normal hair. Shea Butter softens while Oat Kernel moisturizes and strengthens hair, smoothes cuticles, improves elasticity and provides frizz-control. Orange Flower Oil leaves hair strengthened and resilient while reflecting beautiful shine.

Erin's Faces
Organic Peppermint/Coconut Lip Balm (4.25 g)

95% Organic - USDA Certified

Most lipbalms use petrochemicals like Mineral Oil or Petroleum to hydrate lips - it is not bueno for your mouth since you'll ingest about a tube of lipstick's worth over the course of a year. Packed with Organic Sunflower OilOrganic Beeswax and Organic Coconut Oil,  this super healthy formula hydrates lips while Vitamin E heals dry lips.  

Paraben and Petrochemical-Free.

Urban Alchemist
Scrub Your Bod! (Coffee + Peppermint) (1oz)

This lovely, vegan scrub combats cellulite! Coffee increases blood flow helping to repair the skin, and the caffeine helps tighten it. Both coffee and sugar exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin revived and glowing. The shea butter and coconut oil nourish the skin, leaving it oh' so soft! 

Bare Ethics
Warming Massage and Body Oil (samples: 20g/each)

+ Cold pressed 
+ Cosmetic and therapeutic grade Oils 
+ No GMO's 
+ No phthalates 
+ Paraben free 
+ Cruelty free 
+ Canadian made 
+ Non staining 
+ Sustainably harvested 
+ 100% Pure essential oils 
+ Organic 
+ Vegan 
+ Kosher 
+ Gluten free 
+ Non staining 
+ Natural skin treats 
+ Body, mind & soul 

Escape from the dreary grind of the everyday. Tropical Heat flings open the door and brings in the sunshine. With nutmeg that stimulates and calms, the earthy spice of ginger and ylang ylang for a soft floral note bringing a sense of a sweet tropical breeze.Transport your mind to a warmer, sunnier, more tropical place, filled with relaxing, peaceful and stimulating experiences. You never know what will happen once you apply the heat. Vibrant joy for your senses.  

Radha Organics
Anti-aging Younger Face Cream (1.7 fl oz, 50 ml)

An all-natural, hypo-allergenic formula made with carefully selected botanical ingredients that helps reduce lines/ wrinkles and stimulates collagen production for younger looking skin. This nourishing cream helps to diminish fine lines and hyperpigmentation, brightens, restores hydration, and increases skin firmness.

*Safe for all skin types

*100% vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO and sustainably sourced. Every product is All NaturalOrganic and made only of essential oils, plant extracts, and fruit & plant butters. 

Bare Bones Body
Tattoo Balm

This tattoo balm is a blend of moisturizing ingredients with a little plant wax to keep it from melting in your pocket. Organic Shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil give your tattoo all the healing nutrients it needs to heal up quick and look sick! This balm can also be used as a moisturizer.

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