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Spreesy is the first service that enables selling directly on Instagram. Anyone can purchase your physical and digital products by commenting with their email address on your shoppable Instagram posts.


Selling on Facebook with Spreesy is extremely powerful. Spreesy offers 2 distinct ways to sell directly through your Facebook pages, personal profile and groups you've created: shoppable posts and a Facebook store tab.


Transforming your Twitter into a potent sales channel has never been easier. Spreesy is the only service to offer innovative "Shoppable Tweets" to drive sales from your audience.


Sell your products directly through Pinterest. Spreesy leverages Pinterest's "Shoppable Pins" in a robust, innovative way that drives sales & new customers to your product's and store.

Spreesy Stores

Every Spreesy account comes with a beautiful, hassle-free eCommerce store. Your Spreesy store is mobile-optimized and proven to drive sales from any device through your own unique URL.

Partners Program

Spreesy's Partners Program is a completely new kind of affiliate network. Anyone can earn same-day commissions by selling or promoting products through the Partners Program.

Why Spreesy?

Full Solution

Spreesy includes everything you need to sell your own physical or digital products or other businesses' products on your social networks, and it plays nice with other services. You can easily integrate ShipStation, Shopify, Etsy, Google Analytics, and many other services.

It's Easy

Post products seamlessly across your social networks, and Spreesy automates the rest of the sales process. You can also use your Spreesy store as a beautiful storefront for your business.

Save Time

Now you can get back to running your business while your customers go on a shopping spree with Spreesy!

Comment buying.

Comment buying is Spreesy's most popular purchasing method. Your customers can comment with their email address on any of your Spreesy-enabled posts to receive a secure checkout link via email.

Built-in marketing.

Partners Program

Spreesy's Partners Program is a revolutionary affiliate network that connects products with promoters who reach 100M+ potential customers. The Partners Program is open to all Spreesy users.

Effortless Email List

Every Spreesy post is a chance to gain valuable email #subscribers. Each customer who comments #subscribe + their email address on your shoppable posts will then receive instant updates via email when you post new products.

Discount Codes

Offer your customers three types of discount codes: percentage off, dollars off, or free shipping.

Abandoned Cart Saver

Spreesy automatically sends a series of emails to each shopper who comments an email address but doesn't complete checkout, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Take Spreesy On The Go.

No time to sit down and log in to to manage your account? No problem! You can take Spreesy with you anywhere by downloading our mobile app.

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Create new products, edit existing products, and seamlessly post products to your social networks.


Manage and fulfill your Spreesy orders on the go from any device.

Store Management

Create discount codes, view analytics, update store settings, and much more.

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