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Spreesy is a complete solution for selling goods & services through social networks.
No! There is no sign up required for your customers to purchase.
Spreesy never sees your social network passwords nor does it ever have access to your sensitive data. We use the same secure authorization method as all external Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest applications.
You never have to worry about overselling because Spreesy automatically keeps track of your inventory. A “Sold Out” badge will be added to products that are sold out so that there's no confusion for your customers.
From Social Networks:

Customers can comment with their email address on your shoppable posts to receive a secure checkout link via email.

Spreesy Stores:

Each product that you upload to Spreesy is automatically added to your Spreesy eCommerce store. Your customers can shop this store from any device.


Your super fan customers can #subscribe to your store to receive checkout links via emali instantly when you post new products. To #subscribe, just comment #subscribe + an email address on any shoppable post.

Your customer will automatically receive a secure checkout link email in their inbox. You will only receive an order summary email when your customer has completed payment, NOT when they comment with their email address.
Spreesy supports all countries and 20+ major currencies. Select your native Currency upon sign up and Spreesy will automatically display your products for sale in that currency. Your customers will always be able to purchase in their native currency.
Spreesy supports the following currency symbols:
$ - Dollar Sign
€ - Euro Sign
₪ - Israeli New Shekel Sign
¥ - Japanese Yen Sign
£ - Pound Sterling Sign
฿ - Thai Baht Sign
Kč - Czech Koruna Sign
Kr - Swedish Krona Sign
HK$ - Hong Kong Dollar Sign
Ft - Hungarian Forint Sign
RM - Malaysian Ringgit Sign
Mex$ - Mexican Peso Sign
₱ - Philippine Peso Sign
zł‚ - Polish Złoty Sign
₽ - Russian Ruble Sign
S$ - Singapore Dollar Sign
SFr - Swiss Franc Sign
NT$ - New Taiwan Dollar Sign
₺ - Turkish Lira Sign

Pricing & Payments

Yes, Spreesy charges a flat 3% transaction fee on a per transaction basis. We don't charge listing fees, monthly fees, and there are no hidden fees. Our goal is to make social commerce accessible to everyone, and thousands of merchants trust Spreesy to power their businesses.
Payments for your sales will be sent directly to your PayPal account. You will receive payments instantly because we never hold your funds.
Your customers can pay with PayPal or any major credit/debit card. Support for additional payment processors is coming soon.
Yes, standard PayPal fees apply to all payments made through Spreesy.
You can easily add a new statewide or countrywide sales tax rates from the Sales Tax section of your Spreesy dashboard. These rates will be automatically added to orders for customers within your sales tax zones.
1. Visit your account from a computer
2. Go to Activity, then Charts & Graphs
3. Select a time period and there is a section that displays “Sales tax collected”
No! Spreesy never holds your payments. You will receive payments from new sales immediately after a customer completes payment.
Visit the Account section of your Settings dashboard, and press the Permanently Cancel Your Account button. Account information will be permanenetly deleted upon account cancellation.


The first step is to create a new product through, or use our mobile app for iPhone or Android.
Once you have created a product, simply press the Post button on your Products dashboard. Next, you'll be able to select which networks you'd like to post to, customize your post caption, and finally post your product for sale.
Each new product that you create from your Products dashboard will be added to your shoppable store by default. You can also choose to keep a product hidden by selecting NO for the "Show In Store" option on product edit pages.
Yes, you can edit your product's details at any time from your Spreesy Products dashboard.
Spreesy doesn't offer post scheduling, but it's easy to schedule Spreesy posts ahead of time using your favorite post scheduler. Spreesy post captions can be copied into your post scheduler, or you can create your own caption as long as you include your product's direct link URL somewhere within your caption.
Yes, each product can have unlimited product variations, each with its own price and quantity
Visit your Products dashboard to either delete a product, mark it as Sold Out, or hide it from your store. Deleting a product from Instagram DOES NOT delete it from your Spreesy store.
Upon marking an item as shipped, we will automatically send your customers an "Order Shipped" email. The email will also include a tracking number if you provide one.
Upon creating a new product, a direct link URL will be assigned to your product such as This direct link URL is what we use to capture products from your Instagram posts. As long as you include your product's direct link in your Instagram post's caption, the post will become shoppable.


Spreesy currently supports selling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Spreesy stores, and email. Support for additional social networks is coming soon!
Yes, your customers can purchase unlimited items per order if your Spreesy store's shopping cart is enabled.
Our abandoned cart saver is an automated email system that sends reminder emails to customers who haven't completed their purchase.
Spreesy supports more than five purchasing methods which include selling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Spreesy stores, and email.

Sell through comments on your Instagram posts, and use your Spreesy store as your bio link website to maximize sales.


On Facebook, Spreesy supports comment buying, a shoppable store tab, and a shoppable photo album.


On Twitter, Spreesy supports "Shoppable Tweets".


On Pinterest, Spreesy supports "Shoppable Rich Pins".

Spreesy Stores:

A beautiful, hassle-free eCommerce store based around your Spreesy products.


Spreesy's #subscribe feature lets you sell directly through email to your most loyal customers.

Yes, you can offer your customers three types of discounts: percentage off, dollars off, or free shipping. Discounts can apply storewide or they can be product specific.
Our #subscribe feature is built for your store's super fans. Anyone who comments #subscribe + their email address on your shoppable posts will become a #subscriber to your store, and they'll automatically receive checkout link emails when you post new products for sale.

Partners Program

Spreesy's Partners Program enables the promotion of products through a global community of content creators & influencers. Any individual or business can add products to the Partners Program Marketplace, and anyone with an audience can earn money by promoting those products.
Suppliers can add products to the Partners Program by setting a commission rate during product creation or editing. The commission rate is the amount that will be paid to a promoter each time they refer a sale of that product.

Promoters can browse thousands of unique products on the Partners Marketplace to find items that their audience will love. Press the Promote Product button on any product's info page to generate a unique promotion link & to add that product to your Spreesy showcase store. You will earn a commission each time a customer orders through your promotion links or through your Spreesy store.
There are no membership fees, no annual fees, and no fees for promoters. Spreesy simply takes a 5% commission per sale generated through the Partners Program. Standard PayPal fees apply to all sales.
By joining Spreesy, you also join the Partners Program. There are no additional requirements to join the Partners Program.
Suppliers are individuals or businesses who have products or services to sell.

Promoters are those who have an audience to sell products to. Promoters can be content creators, social media influencers, bloggers, affiliates, YouTubers, websites, or even celebrities.
Upon receiving a paid order, money will be deposited into your PayPal account same-day. Spreesy never holds your payments.
When you find a product you want to promote & press the Promote Product button, Spreesy generates a unique shortened URL (ex. that is specific to your Spreesy account. You will earn a commission each time that customers purchase through your promotion links or through your Spreesy store.