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From Etsy to your social networks


Spreesy is the first service to enable selling directly on Instagram. Anyone can purchase your Etsy products by commenting on your Instagram posts with their email address.


Spreesy gives you 3 distinct ways to sell Etsy products directly through your Facebook pages, personal profile, groups: shoppable posts, shoppable albums, and a store tab.

How Does It Work?

Import & Sync

Import your entire Etsy product library to Spreesy with just two clicks. Upon successfully connecting your Etsy account to Spreesy, your existing and future Etsy listings will automatically import into Spreesy and update when edited.


Using the Post button on your Spreesy Products dashboard, you can seamlessly post your Etsy products directly to Instagram or Facebook.


Your followers can purchase by commenting on your shoppable posts with their email address. Spreesy then automatically sends them a secure checkout link email.

We also include,

Built-in marketing

Abandoned Cart Saver

Spreesy automatically sends a series of emails to each shopper who comments an email address but doesn't complete checkout, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Effortless Email List

Spreesy's #subscribe feature lets your customers subscribe to instant product updates via email by commenting #subscribe + their email address on any of your shoppable posts.

Automatic SEO

Spreesy automatically creates, optimizes and submits highly effective landing pages for each of your imported or created products. Our automated SEO is responsible for driving millions in sales.

Why Spreesy?


Put your sales on autopilot with Spreesy. From generating optimized post captions to automatically sending checkout link emails, Spreesy has you covered.

It's Easy

Spreesy takes the hassle out of buying & selling through social networks. Your customers will never have to type a product URL again, and you can say goodbye to manual invoicing!

Free To Use

We never charge sales fees, listing fees, or monthly fees. There are also no contracts or commitments, and you can cancel anytime.

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