Cold Therapy Gel Mask


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Ice 2 Recover 

Our full face cooling gel mask is large enough to fit both men and women, with extra gel to conform to the areas needed and  has two Velcro straps, to comfortably fit over bandages for post facial surgery.

Cold Therapy benefits include;

  • Post facial surgery recovery (Where cold compress is required)
  • Reduces late night puffiness 
  • Tightens skin naturally 
  • Leaves skin refreshed and renew
  • Alleviates Discomfort with  facial Peels, and Laser treatments
  • Other benefits in include; helps with discomfort associated with Migraines and menopause
  • Cools the body instantly and much more

The cooling mask comes in a special design zip lock bag for safe storage in the refrigerator, so that when you are ready for the mask, the mask is ready to provide all the cooling benefits. We also added an extra barrier cloth for those with sensitive skin.

Our mask comes in 3 different colors, Red, Blue and Pink.

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